FAQ: Admins - multistage

Here are our responses to some of the FAQ about the Multistage module.


Why would I need multi-stage?

Multi-stage is an add-on feature that you can bolt onto your package (all except FREE).

It is perfect for when there is a two stage process, e.g. initial and final papers or where there is a concurrent stage - eg. different submission forms for different types of submission. It could also be used for prizes, awards etc or any other process that is essentially one event, but with several streams that require different submission and review forms.

The Multi-stage module allows you to bolt on as many stages as you need.

I am running an event where abstracts are submitted, reviewed and decided upon.  After that the submitters of accepted abstracts are asked to submit their full paper. How can I set this up?

Multi-stage is ideal for this scenario or where a second stage review is required and you wish to retain not overtype the first stage submission or review data.