Options for collecting abstracts/ papers

When designing the submission form, it's worth giving some thought to how you would like to collect the text of the abstract submissions.

There are two options: 

  1. Text input using the default abstract question template or
  2. Upload abstracts as files.

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Text input using using the default abstract question template

  1. You have complete control over the content and word/character count.

  2. You can specify if submitters are allowed to include tables and/or diagrams.

  3. The submitters will see a preview of what the final abstract will look like with the title, authors and affiliations and other data correctly formatted.

  4. Large complex documents can be difficult to input.

  5. The abstract can be easily shown to reviewers without the authors and affiliations included, for blind reviews.

  6. The abstract can be easily prepared to show in the conference program and can be formatted to be read on phones and tablets as well as on computer screens.

Upload abstracts as files

  1. No control over the content of the file.

  2. Useful for complicated documents where the submitters will want the content to appear as they have prepared it, e.g. long abstracts, final papers and presentations.

  3. Can only be shown to reviewers as a file so they will see author names if they are included.  

  4. Can only be included on the online program as a downloadable file.  

  5. Can only appear in the abstract book as a downloadable file.

For guidance on setting these up, see, Question types and Text editor types