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Recommended Dimensions for Picture Uploads

Find out the dimensions your images need to be for your event and certificates with Oxford Abstracts.

This article is for Admins ONLY!


Below you will find the recommended picture dimensions for uploading images to your event and certificates.


Logo: 1000 x 250px

This will be shown at login. If no other images are uploaded via the event theme (packages Abstract Management +) it will also be displayed in forms, registration and on the conference platform.


Event Theme

Background Image: 1920 x 600px

Event Panel: 800 x 200px

Event Logo: 400 x 200px


Submission details

Poster upload: either 2880 x 2144px or 2880 x 2160px


Program Branding

Background image: 2776 x 380px

Note: This image scales with the size of the page, so some of the content on the side will be cropped on certain screens.

You can use the top image to upload centralised content.

Logo: 400 x 200pc

Note: you can adjust the width, but recommended height is 200px



Large session logo

Rectangle: 320px x 90px 

Circle/square:160 x 160px


Side bar logos

Rectangular: 180 x 60px 

Square/circle: 128 x 128px



Logo: 120 x 120px

Small background image: 340 x 120px

Large background image: 520 x 160 px 


Certificate Dimensions

Banner Image: 1200 x 200px

Bottom Image: 96 x 96px

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