Open and close submissions / call for abstracts

In order to make the submission system live, you must open submissions.

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Go to Event dashboard Submissions panel

You will see to the right of the panel, a section for setting submission status, containing on/off sliders.

The switches, from top to bottom, will

  • Open / close all submissions 
  • Prevent / allow new submissions
  • Prevent / allow complete submissions to be edited
  • Prevent / allow incomplete submissions to be edited

Click on any slider to switch the status on (orange), or off (grey).


Some of these can be used in combination - ie - in the view below - submissions are only open to those that have started a submission, whether complete or incomplete.

Conversely,  the settings in the screenshot below would allow only new submissions to be made. Users that wanted to log back in and amend their submission would not be permitted.


Click on Copy submission link to copy the URL (link) required to access the submission system.  This link should be published in the relevant website and/or emails to invite submissions to be made.


How do I allow for reworking and late-breaking abstracts?