FAQ: Admins - conference platform

Here are our responses to some of the FAQ about the Conference Program.


I am unsure what can be viewed in the public and private (full access) version of the program?

See What is the difference between the public and full access program?


I need to give full access to some people who have not bought a ticket to the conference. How do I do that?

See Controlling access


How do I download information from the Conference Program to Word?

See Downloading session books.


How do I delete a session?

See Amending, deleting and copying a session.


How can I see if there is a clash in bookings?

See Advanced / virtual conference program - program bookings.


What's the difference between The Standard Conference Program and The Professional Conference Program

See The Oxford Abstracts packages explained


How do I set up exhibitors and sponsors?

See Sponsors and Exhibitor Space.

There is also guidance on setting up exhibitor booths  for your sponsors.