FAQ: Admins - getting started

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions when it comes to getting set up on Oxford Abstracts.

I’ve forgotten my password – how do I reset it?

See Creating an account with Oxford Abstracts.

How do I give someone admin rights to the event?

See Manage users.

How long do you keep the data for an event?

Oxford Abstracts will store conference data for at least a year after the conference start date unless the customer deletes the event. This allows customers to look back at a previous year’s conference when setting up a new conference.

In order to comply with GDPR regulation, events will be deleted 6 years after the start date of the conference. All records of deleted events will be removed from Oxford Abstracts servers and clients should ensure that they have kept suitable backups before the 6 years have elapsed.

I am an administrator for an event, and also a reviewer. How does that work?

See Your personal dashboard.

A reviewer / submitter is having issues seeing their reviews/ submission

Not being able to see reviews when logged in

See also

Guidance for admins dealing with submitter, reviewer and committee etc. issues


What guidance can I give to users?

Guidance for submitters

Guidance for reviewers

Guidance for committee members,

Guidance for symposia

Guidance for delegates wishing to register

Guidance for conference platform users

Guidance for exhibitors and representatives

How do I delete my account?

See Updating your profile