FAQ: Admins - emails

Here are our responses to some of the FAQ about the email tool.

How do I send emails to let submitters know if they have been rejected or accepted?

See Notifying submitters of their outcomes 

I want to send emails to just the presenters - how do I do this?

See Emailing presenters and authors directly


What information can I include in emails?

See Amending template emails.

I'm not sure if I sent an email. How can I check?

See View sent emails log.

How can I create an email that's not on the list of templates?

See Creating custom emails.

I want to stop the automatic emails going out while I update some submissions. How do I do that?

See Sending and scheduling emails.

Can I send emails out to just a few people - or even just one?

Yes - see Sending and scheduling emails.

I want to be informed when abstracts are submitted. How do I do this?

You can BCC emails to the event admin. See Amending template emails - Additional settings.

I want the emails that are associated with the event to be from an email address of my choosing. Is this possible?

See Sending emails from your chosen email address.