Creating a session

After you have set up your online program settings, you can create a session.

Go to Event dashboard → Conference → Program builder

You can create a session by clicking on the default session or, to add a new session, click  Add Session button.



The session control panel will open up.


NB: When you hover on some of these details, you will notice a settings icon. Click on this to access the Configuration settings.



1) Session name

Click in the field to add a name.


2) Dates

Click on Start time, End Time and Date to enter your choices 

NB - the dates are automatically pulled from the event details.


3) Description

Click to add a description.


4) Column 5) Locations, 6) Tracks and 7) Presentation types

Make your choices from the dropdown menu.


8) Session chairs

Make your choices - you can click on as many as you require.


9) Presentation link

This field is for entering a video link.

This will be displayed in the session as below.