FAQ: Admins - submissions

Here are our responses to some of the FAQ about the submission stage from administrators



What's the difference between submitters, authors and presenters?

It's important to be able to distinguish between submitters, authors and presenters.

Submitters: There can only be one submitter for every submission. These are the people completing the submission form.

Authors: Authors are listed by submitters in the authors and affiliations question. The author is often the submitter, but often multiple authors are allowed, sometimes referred to as co-authors.

Presenter: Presenters can also be the same as both the submitter and the author, but often only one presenter is allowed where there are multiple authors. These are tagged in the authors and affiliations question, and will be denoted in bold or underlined in the program and abstract books.


A user has reported an issue - how do I handle these sorts of queries?


Guidance for admins dealing with submitter, reviewer and committee issues


We don’t want to use abstract submission numbers in the program and want to re-number abstracts for the program / abstract book. How do we do this?

You can add a program code. This can be done in the decisions table. See Recording a decision (accepting/ rejecting/ withdrawing a submission).


How do I submit an abstract on behalf on someone else?

See Making a submission on behalf of someone else.

Can submitters include images and tables in their abstract submission?

You can set up the abstract question to accept different text editor types.

We always advise copying and pasting abstracts from WORD or any text editor program, to the abstract field.

Is it possible to include questions that only appear if a response to a previous question is selected?

Yes - see Dependency questions.


Users have reported that the abstract field in the submission form is alerting them that they are over the word limit? How can I resolve this?

See Word and character count.


A user has reported that his / her submission is marked as incomplete. How can I check this?

Submission forms are marked as complete when all mandatory fields have been completed. 

To check, see Editing a user's submission. Fields that haven't been marked as complete will be highlighted in pink. Sometimes there are missing fields in the Authors and affiliations section, so check this. Also see Word and character count.

How do I change the deadline/ notification date for submissions?

See Event details.

NB - You will still need to switch off submissions manually - see Open and close submissions / call for abstracts.

How do I withdraw or delete a submission as an administrator?

To withdraw (as an administrator), see Recording a decision (Accepting/ rejecting/ withdrawing a submission). Alternatively, if you wish to delete a submission, see Deleting/ restoring or withdrawing a submission.

If you are a submitter, contact the event administrator. You will see the email in the relevant event on your dashboard.


I want to close submissions, but allow those who have already submitted to edit their submissions. How do I do that?

See Open and close submissions / call for abstracts